Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Plan

Training is still set for completion of Mining Barge lvl 5 and current plan is to also train Exhumer to completion as well as Ice Harvesting. Primarily these trainings should increase yield for ice mining with a Mackinaw, which seems to be the best ISK/hr without extensive interactions.

Due to competition in the current system, the belts in Kino VII are always depleted so I'm planning to strike out in search of better systems. Looking at the Regional map for Lonetrek my current plan is to explore Todaki, Umokka, and Akiainavas. As those systems are close to a trading hub at Sobaseki and reportedly have a good many belts for the incoming Hulk. Also planning to explore Hitanishio and Ichinumi once I've scan through the other three systems. Primarily I'm searching for highsec systems with fifteen or more belts and refineries within system.

Another task for this upcoming exploration is to find the appropriate ship and modules that would mitigate potential risk from rats and/or other people while capable of allowing me to scan the belts to see how full those roids are. There ain't much point in flying around out there if I don't know how healthy those belts are generally.

I hope to find a few secluded systems to set up shops.

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