Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Empty vacumm...

I took the jumps out to Todaki and the surrounding neighborhoods there but NOTHING... big fat nothing. Although a few jumps away from Todaki itself, I can't remember the name of the system, looked promising as it was not farmed by as many people but there were a few Orca/Hulks teams moping up the rocks. I could move out there but I figure most of the time I would be pretty much just getting table scraps as they are more efficient in fleets. I guess I will stick to my much more predictable ice, which I should be able to harvest much more efficiently in 2 days once my Mining Barge finish at lvl 5. Although now I need to work up another 60 mil or so to get the Mackinaw, which should earn a bit more ISK per hour then harvesting in a Hulk but I do have the Hulk ready to AFK-mine. This does mean that once I'm done with Mining Barge I'm going to focus on military training so I can get into the Thorax, then the Mega as it seems the mining part is just not as lucrative until I find me a more secluded pocket of space.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Plan

Training is still set for completion of Mining Barge lvl 5 and current plan is to also train Exhumer to completion as well as Ice Harvesting. Primarily these trainings should increase yield for ice mining with a Mackinaw, which seems to be the best ISK/hr without extensive interactions.

Due to competition in the current system, the belts in Kino VII are always depleted so I'm planning to strike out in search of better systems. Looking at the Regional map for Lonetrek my current plan is to explore Todaki, Umokka, and Akiainavas. As those systems are close to a trading hub at Sobaseki and reportedly have a good many belts for the incoming Hulk. Also planning to explore Hitanishio and Ichinumi once I've scan through the other three systems. Primarily I'm searching for highsec systems with fifteen or more belts and refineries within system.

Another task for this upcoming exploration is to find the appropriate ship and modules that would mitigate potential risk from rats and/or other people while capable of allowing me to scan the belts to see how full those roids are. There ain't much point in flying around out there if I don't know how healthy those belts are generally.

I hope to find a few secluded systems to set up shops.

Branching out

It's been a few weeks since I woke up in this strange station and strange region, not much have happened beyond the regular rat cleaning and drudgery of harvesting ice but there is this pull to branch out to the darkness of space and make more profit.

After looking over the local solar systems in this constellation I can see that it's pretty overcrowded, too many empty belts, too many wreck dusts, and for damn sure not enough ISK flowing into my wallet so I've made up my mind to hit the computer and search for a few secluded systems with more profitable belts.

The Neighborhood

Kino VII is definitely not a hub system but still the belts are often as dry as the Keldar's deserts, which isn't helping me refill my wallet at all. However there are two ice fields full of White Glazes which oddly sells for a lot more then its refined products in this particular region. Current plan is to sit on these ice fields while I wait for the Hulk and fatten up the wallet for all the modules and supplies to come.

Waking up

...It's an odd thing to suddenly become aware of yourself and your surrounding again. Last thing I remember was docking at a station, of course I can't for the life of me remember which station, which solar system, which region, but it's good to see that my ships are still with me and a decent amount of ISK in my wallet; you can't do much in this universe without ISK. Looking through my training I see I'm working on the Hulk, damn the training, but it'll be nice to reap the reward once the beast is roaming the belts.

According to the computer, I'm currently on a Ytiri Storage station orbiting the 13th moon in the Kino VII system, within the Lonetrek region. After checking my assets, skills, and doing a little bit of EFT, I worked out a short term plan which had me spending a bit of my ISK for modules and supplies while waiting for the Hulk. I figure it was time to go and check out the neighborhood. The Vexor was pretty easy to fit and apparently I had most of the skills to fly one; it does help to have a Vexor already in the hangar bay.