Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Empty vacumm...

I took the jumps out to Todaki and the surrounding neighborhoods there but NOTHING... big fat nothing. Although a few jumps away from Todaki itself, I can't remember the name of the system, looked promising as it was not farmed by as many people but there were a few Orca/Hulks teams moping up the rocks. I could move out there but I figure most of the time I would be pretty much just getting table scraps as they are more efficient in fleets. I guess I will stick to my much more predictable ice, which I should be able to harvest much more efficiently in 2 days once my Mining Barge finish at lvl 5. Although now I need to work up another 60 mil or so to get the Mackinaw, which should earn a bit more ISK per hour then harvesting in a Hulk but I do have the Hulk ready to AFK-mine. This does mean that once I'm done with Mining Barge I'm going to focus on military training so I can get into the Thorax, then the Mega as it seems the mining part is just not as lucrative until I find me a more secluded pocket of space.

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